Customer Relationship Management

Our Customer Relationship Management includes the following 4 sectors:

Online Review Management


We monitor and reply the online reviews on Ctrip and other travel sites in Chinese to build your e-reputation and provide you valuable feedbacks for service improvements.

Travel Forum Interaction


We interact with potential customers on local travel forums such as Qyer and Mafengwo to inspire and engage them with informative and relevant contents, aiming to lead them to your booking sites.

Chinese Customer Service


We assist the Chinese guests before and during their trip by offering a mandarin guidebook where they can download from your website before check-in to make sure they have a flawless staying experience.

Experience Sharing Encouragement


The most effective marketing approach is word-of-mouth. We help your hotel design a series of incentives and tools, to let Chinese guests become your advocators and ambassadors via sharing their experiences both online and offline.

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