Business Development Advice

Our Business Development Advice t includes the following 4 sectors:

Service Quality Improvement


We offer you advice & suggestions on service quality improvement to constantly meet the changing expectations of the modern Chinese travelers in order to satisfy their needs and gain their trust.

Online Ads & Promo


Based on Chinese seasonality and public holidays, we help you to create online ads and launch sales promotions on different booking platforms, in order to optimize your occupancy and revenue.

Innovative BD Approach

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We inspire you with innovative ideas under the changing media landscape in China, from affiliating marketing to partnership with local travel planners, beyond the traditional distribution channels.

Special Awards Recognition


With our provided services and solutions, we can assist you to apply certain special certifications such as “Chinese preferred hotels” from Ctrip, in order to make your hotel gain recognition from both Chinese distributors and customers, which make you stand out from the competition.

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