Case Studies

In the case of Isa Design Hotel, we will walk you through the whole process of our innovative solutions, in order to illustrate every detail of our work, approaches, and deliverables.

Isa Design Hotel Case Study


Digital Marketing Solutions

China Digital Strategy
  • Build a sophisticated brand image as a high-end boutique hotel
  • Increase online visibility in China via local social media
  • Establish both direct and indirect distribution channels
  • Develop a fully covered automatic service system to accommodate Chinese guests
Website Localization
  • Native copywriting with appealing and relevant contents
  • Integrated with booking engine in Chinese
  • Embed with popular Chinese social media Wechat & Weibo via QR code
  • Provide mandarin Guidebook PDF download link

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OTA management (Ctrip)
  • Initiate direct contract with
  • Mapping the room via your own channel manager or PMS
  • Upload appealing property description in Chinese
  • Data analysis on Customers and competitors from the back office
  • Ensure your property with top ranking and “gold medal” badge
  • Provide booking report with analytical insights monthly

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Social Media Campaigns
  • Create Chinese micro-blog account – Sina Weibo
  • Create the official account on Chinese instant messaging app – Wechat
  • Regular posts on both platforms with native contents
  • Link both accounts to the official website and booking landing page
  • Launch exclusive offers for followers with incentives


Wechat is an instant messaging tool with lots of commercial functions, embedded with internal search, online shops, cashless payment solution, and newsletters. which is similar to Facebook combined with WhatsApp and Paypal. Through Hotel Isa’s WeChat official account, followers are able to receive notifications automatically, such as storytelling hotel descriptions, campaign & promotions, and access to the official Chinese website and various booking channels. By scanning the QR code, the Chinese guests can follow and share the accounts easily.


Sina Weibo is a social media similar to Twitter combined with Instagram, where you can post microblogs, photos, and videos. By using hashtag it can attract people who are interested in the similar topic or keywords. The followers can interact with the company directly and repost & share with their social contacts. Hotel Isa’s Weibo account also provides direct access to the official Chinese website and booking engine.

Customer Relationship Management

Online Review Management
  • Monitor and reply user comments in Chinese on Ctrip
Travel Forum Interaction
  • Offer social listening and reputation management services on popular travel forums Qyer and Mafengwo.
Chinese Customer Services
  • Provide informative Chinese guidebook both in-room and downloadable PDF online
  • Design and prepare seasonal greeting cards to welcome arrival guests
  • Problem-solving during the communications
  • Offer customized local tours and activities through the partnership
Experience sharing Encouragement
  • Create a poster at the reception to follow Wechat and Weibo account
  • Offer incentives and benefits for experience sharing

Hotel Isa Guidebook &

Online reputation management

Business Development Advice

Service Quality Improvement
  • Provide suggestions on Chinese breakfast preparation and courtesy kit
  • Offer solutions for localized payment infrastructure: UnionPay and Alipay
  • Report to the hotel regularly about guests’ requests and complaints
Online Ads and Promo
  • Find the most effective channels and solutions, craft engaging creative, manage the budget and adopt a strategy based on results.
Innovative BD Approach
  • establish the B2B partnership with Chinese local distributors and new digital media
Special Certificate Recognition
  • Help and prepare the hotel to be listed as “Chinese preferred hotel” on Ctrip with a prestige and recognizable badge


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