Ctrip: Customized Tours and Unique hotel experiences are highly requested by Chinese

With more than 1,000 suppliers and 4,000 personal travel consultants covering 141 countries, Ctrip’s Customized Travel is the biggest customized travel platform in Asia.

In order to fully support this year’s China-Europe Tourism Year, Ctrip Customized Travel held the first Business Summit, hopping to meet European travel suppliers to better cater for the growing number of Chinese travelers who are opting for more customized tours.

Asian tourists traveling and holding a mapSince the launch in January 2016, Ctrip Customized Travel has seen increased user demand up to 120,000 per month.

According to Ctrip’s “2017 Customized Travel Report”, 2017 marked the beginning of popularization of customized travel in China. More than one million requests were made in 2017.

For outbound requests, 80% of travelers requested for ‘slower’ trips that are more unique and personalized. 60% placed local cuisine experiences above all else, 55% opted for unique hotel experiences while 30% of requests were made for marriage proposals and honeymoons.

80% of customized trips were made by those traveling with their families. Those born in the 1980s and 1990s are the main force behind this craze for customized travel.

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